Sunday, September 11, 2011

Twin Cities Artists Respond to September 11th

I really like the new Blogger dashboard. I can actually READ my reading list. I might actually start following the blogs I officially "follow" but never read because of the interface. Takes longer to upload pictures, though.

Anyway. Tonight is the opening of this show:

The gallery opening is at 7:00, so that's when I'll be there. I think there are just 3-4 paintings. 

The play starts at 8:00. Here's the description: 

A SHORT PLAY ABOUT 9/11 follows three characters:  a hilarious talk show host on the verge of being fired after a monologue of 9/11 jokes; a Russian bio-chemist whose frequent appearances as a terrorism expert are marred by his inability to stay sober; and a young woman who realizes the agonized face on all those “Missing” posters may be her own.   The play charts their struggle to resume a normal life, and the surprising role humor and art play in the healing process.  Oh, and it’s funny.

Then there's the "comedy after-party," and I'm not sure what that means exactly but I think there will be food and drinks. The woman directing "Paige & Erin: 9/11" is someone I went to college with. Turns out she also worked at the Seward Cafe with another of my friends, and someone else involved is friends with someone in my Meet Up group. For a metro area of 3 million, it sure is a small town. 

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