Monday, September 12, 2011

Last night was awesome.

The gallery opening was really crowded. Lots of people liked my painting. One person said it was stunning. I got to talk a lot to the "real" artist there, the one who actually makes a living at it, John Ilg. He had this great piece called "The War on Terrorism" that was a US flag made out of mouse traps. So cool.

First there was a A Short Play About 9/11, which was really, really good. And hard to explain. It follows several characters after the attack: A lost woman who doesn't seem to know who she is; a scientist who got rich developing bio-weapons; and a comedian who offends evryone with his cynicism about it. Also, it's really funny.

Then there was a vodka break, then a stand-up comic did a bit about how his 40th birthday was like 9/11 ("I should have seen it coming!") and then another short play, "Paige and Erin: 9/11," a play about the actresses' actual experience, being students in NYC at the time. They staged it as if they were lawyers cross-examining each other about what they really felt at the time versus how they said they felt. Sounds like ti would be either heavy or sappy, but it was really witty and funny, I promise.

You should really see it. Here's the schedule. The Page & Erin one is only showing afterward on 9/17, though.

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