Saturday, September 10, 2011

Theater, painting, photography, and theater again.

This play starts today, although the official opening is tomorrow night. That's where us artists have to be on hand to discuss our paintings.

I also found out the director of the later play is a friend of mine from college. If you're in Minneapolis and up on the theater scene, you may know her from the Bedlam group, Maren Ward.

A SHORT PLAY ABOUT 9/11 follows three characters: a hilarious talk show host on the verge of being fired after a monologue of 9/11 jokes; a Russian bio-chemist whose frequent appearances as a terrorism expert are marred by his inability to stay sober; and a young woman who realizes the agonized face on all those “Missing” posters may be her own. The play charts their struggle to resume a normal life, and the surprising role humor and art play in the healing process. Oh, and it’s funny.

(The image is a link to the website.)

In other news, I started trying to sell one of my photos as a desktop wallpaper. We'll see how that goes.

(Picture links to my Etsy shop.)

No news on the job front. Well, not the permanent job front. I'm doing well at my temp job, but it doesn't pay enough. I can just cover the interest payments on my mortgage. And of course, no benefits. The 10-mile commute isn't a selling point either! I have to drive into the sun both ways.

My roommate has severe asthma and she's really sick from all the fires up north. It totally sucks. But it means I'm using her Guthrie ticket to go see "Much Ado About Nothing" tonight. His best comedy, in my not-at-all-humble opinion! Although I do have a soft spot for "Love's Labors Lost" because it was the very first Shakespeare play I ever saw.

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