Saturday, August 20, 2011

Box Tops for Education

My roommate and I are doing Box Tops for Education. Our local elementary school's test scores are in the TOILET. Their goal for this year? Eight dollars. Sound low? Last year they raised $6.

2011-2012 goal: $8
2011-2012 earnings so far: $0
2010-2011 earnings: $6
total earnings since 2002: $648

Other schools within 25 miles.

We're also doing Labels for Education, but I'm not completely sure how that works. They get points for the labels, and that helps them buy products, I guess.

So, send us your qualified box tops and labels! Comment with your email address and I'll send you my mailing address.

They look like this:

and this:


  1. Oh my goodness, 6 bucks?? I would send you ours BUT my son's school collects them and needs them. Could you ask your neighbors to save theirs for you? Surely each person in the school can find 10 box tops and that is $1 right there.

    Oh, also on in the forums people trade those sometimes. So if you had a good coupon for say diapers or cheese or cereal, someone might give you some boxtops in exchange for it!

    (Oh and P.S. I am coming by from the etsy blog team)

  2. My neighbors are hard to talk to. Most don't speak English, at least two are crazy, and one house only rents to ex cons.

  3. You can also raise money for your schools through Target credit cards. You designate the school and a percentage of every purchase you make goes to that school.

    Convo me your address. I actually stopped clipping these awhile ago but have about 20 box tops and a bunch of the labels still lying around. I'll start saving them again for you.

    Susan (OohLookItsaRabbit)

  4. As I live and operate in the UK, don't think I can contribute anything else but my good wishes for your successful increase in fund-raising! Saw your post on the Blogging Buddies team site, and responding to our Leader's suggestion that we read, comment and follow each other! Will do so on yours - while inviting you to visit Comments, good and bad, welcome! All the best. Isobel

  5. That is awful to hear! I wish I could help, but I am helping out my little sisters' school. Could you maybe put a donation box for box tops in a local grocery store or somewhere? It's worth a shot. Good luck!