Saturday, August 13, 2011

Book: Humans and Demons and Elves

Just finished: Humans and Demons and Elves by Donaya Haymond.

My roommate introduced me to the term “urban fantasy” for books about mythical creatures in moderns society. It was her favorite genre for a long time, but just recently she was bemoaning the fact that “urban fantasy” has come to mean nothing but human women having lots of sex with hot vampire dudes.

This isn’t that. It is mostly about relationships, though - between, as the title suggests, humans and demons and elves. The focus is on negotiating interracial relationships between friends, neighbors, and romantic interests. No vampire sex, I promise.

Elves and Demons are popping up in the town of Laconia, home to a secret institution for helping non-humans integrate into human society. Each newcomer brings his or her emotional baggage, and they have to deal with both humans who can’t accept them and humans who think magic creatures are OMGAWESOME!

For my taste, the relationships are too cute, but then I’m not the target audience. This is a Young Adult novel, and I don’t think a young teen or pre-teen would find it too cute.


  1. Sounds interesting. What do you think a pre-teen or teen would think of it?

  2. Interesting - I may screen this book for my son, who is at that age.

  3. Interesting - I may screen this book for my son, who is at that age.

  4. Just B You - When I was a pre-teen I think would have liked it a lot.

  5. Would you recommend this as a gift for a mature pre-teen that's 11 going on 16? My niece is an avid reader.

  6. Christine - It's only available as an electronic version, and I don't know how those work as gifts. I think she'd probably like the story, though.

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