Thursday, June 9, 2011

Self-promotion round-up

I'm going to be doing the Uptown Market this summer. It's going to cost me $23/week and I don't know if I can break even or not. Wish me luck!

Treasuries I've been in this week:

Treasures in the Attic

A Grey Wedding
Help Out a Friend (all people who are struggling financially)
Gift Yourself
Needs More Black
The Secrets of Treasury Island
Just Listed

And I just made this one:

Primary Season

Inspired by Newt Gingrich, actually. No, really. I was trying to decide on a theme and there was a news story that he was going to be in the primaries, and I thought he'd already quit.

My newest listing, and my first ACEO:

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  1. I heard Rick Santorum is going to try to run, yech. Neat idea, collecting the treasuries that you've been a part of, though.