Saturday, June 11, 2011

Art fair info and a new print

Hey guys! I'm participating in the Uptown Market in Minneapolis this year. It's every Sunday from June 12 through September 25.

But there are at least two Sundays I won't be able to do this, so I'm looking for someone to take my place on those dates, preferably an artist. The cost of the space is $23. This is a bargain because their normal cost for one week is $40, but since I signed up for the whole summer it's only $23/week for me.

The cost is for a 10'x10' space.

The weeks I definitely can't do:

July 3 (tent available - see below)
July 31 (tent not available)

And if there is another weekend you really want to do, I might be willing to sell it to you because every Sunday is really a lot.

I also have a 10'x10' EZ Up tent I'm willing to rent out for $10/day. It's seen better days but it will keep the sun and most of the rain off you. It's this one, except older. It has 4 wall panels that attach with velcro strips. I can NOT rent out the tent on July 31 because I'm doing the Red Hot Art fair that weekend.

Location: Minneapolis, 29th Street between Lyndale Ave S. And Dupont Ave. S.

Dates: Sundays, June 12th through September 25th

Times: 11:00am - 4:00pm
Rain or Shine!

Vendors: Fine Art, Crafts, Jewelry, Produce, Prepared Foods

I made some new small prints of my "A Major" painting to sell. I also put them up on Etsy. Here's the Etsy listing. Only $5.00!!!

The original is also on Etsy. It's slightly more expensive.

Here's a small version of the image the print is made from:


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