Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Old stuff

OHAI! Long time no blog. So over the holidays I went to visit my parents and my mom gave me a shitload - or maybe a fuckton, I'm not sure - of vintage stuff. I haven't posted much of it yet. Here is what's on Etsy:

GENUINE FAKES! These antique fake cameos have new, never-worn ear wires. 

Clip-on rhinestone earrings. I saw some flawed ones going for the same price, so this is a bargain.

This is a shoe clip but would make a great brooch. I'm still questioning the price. I was thinking it would be good for parts, but I'm told taking rhinestones out isn't that easy.

This is a Florenza Maltese cross. I haven't listed it yet. I found several listings for the brooch alone that sold for $95. I mean, they had already sold, so I know that's the going price for the brooch. There were several on EBay for $100 but no bids on them. HOWEVER, I could not find one single listing of the brooch and earrings together.

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  1. So are you listing this set now? How much are you asking?