Thursday, July 7, 2011

Overdue blog post!

I was out of town and I still haven't caught up with everything!

I was in Seattle, WA, for my brother's wedding. I took pictures. Some of the flower pictures came out really well so I put them on CafePress. I also found a lot of beach glass, which I'm not sure what to do with. Will probably sell most of it as supplies but I want to try wire wrapping on a few pieces.

New Etsy listings: 

Hemp and Ceramic "WTF" necklace
Painting: "CAKE"
Blue cloisonne fish earrings

Upcoming art fairs/shows

I'll be doing the Red Hot Art fair on July 30-31.

Then I'm back at the Uptown Market the following week, August 7, because that is the weekend of the Uptown Art Fair, which is a Big Fat Hairy Deal. Booths there are $500 so I'm not doing that, but the Uptown Market is only a few short blocks away.

I've been invited to show my September 11 painting, The Persistence of Memory, at a theatre in September but I don't have the details yet.

Still to do:

Get the rest of my stuff listed on Etsy
Get my 4 most recent paintings up on MNArtists
Learn how to wrap wire
Finish my Coffee Shop series
And... oh, what was that last thing? Oh yeah... GET A JOB.


Here's a schedule of the other artists who will be taking my spot at the Uptown Market:

July 10
Michele Cronin - Cool Fur Pet Beds

July 17
Anne Meyers - Green apparel, hip packs

July 31
Mary Mueller - Photo cards, framed photos

August 7
Michele Cronin - Cool Fur Pet Beds

August 14
Kayla Gustin - Paintings

August 21
Sheila Kargel - T-shirts of oil paintings

August 28
Teresa Audet - Wooden bowls, furniture, jewelry

September 4
Anne Meyers - Green apparel, hip packs

September 11
Michel Cronin - Fur Cool Pet Beds

September 18
Stacie Yokiel - Ceramics

September 25
Michele Cronin - Fur Cool Pet Beds

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