Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Zombie Fluxx and Puerto Rico

I'm not a big gamer but there are some I like. I think I'll create a section in me "aStore" on Amazon for them.

Zombie Fluxx:
My sister introduced me to this game last night. It's really fun! Actually I liked it more without the zombie cards because it goes faster. We played several rounds without the zombie cards, the one with them and it took like half an hour longer.

The only rule you start with is that you draw a card and play a card. But some of the cards add new rules, and some allow you to trash rules you don't like, or all of them. How you win depends on the goal card that's in play, which can change several times in a hand.

Puerto Rico: The first time I played it it was really confusing. The second time I wondered why it had ever seemed confusing.

You're settling Puerto Rico. You have have to plant crops and add slaves workers and factories. This is all done with strategy, no dice. The only element of chance is in who goes first. I always end up wishing it would last longer!

Big Boggle:
An oldie but a goodie.

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  1. Puerto Rico is big around my house too. Your description sums it up well. Haven't tried zombie fluxx yet but remember playing lots of the original ages ago