Friday, May 20, 2011

Rapture Sale!

I'm having a HUGE Rapture Sale on everything in my main CafePress shop...
My CafePress Shop

And an even HUGER one in my Sarah Palin/Bachmann shop, because they have a shelf life...
Palin/Bachman 2012: It's a No-Brainer

Rap. Ture. Be pure. Take a tour through the sewer. 


  1. Love your cafe press shop and your etsy shop! Have to go favorite that jewelry. Your bookmarks are too cute.

  2. LOL I haven't bothered to even look into this media hype. All I know is the Bible clearly states that NO ONE (except God) knows the day or the hour... so I know that no body has the ability to pin point the rapture.

  3. It's just this one guy, Harold Camping, predicting the rapture to happen tomorrow. He's spent over $100 million publicizing it. He also predicted the rapture happening in 1994 but he didn't have as much money back then.