Sunday, May 15, 2011

Featured artist!

Welcome to my first ever post about another artist! I don't know if this will be a regular thing or not, but sometimes you find an artist you just want to show to everyone.Today I want to show you...

DanielleNicoleMetals on Etsy (shop)

Gilding Primal Instinct website (portfolio)

Retail location: Gothic Renaissance

From her shop announcement:

Soho based metalsmith, Danielle Nicole Hills, creates pieces that come alive when placed in the context of the body, combining elegant forms, theatrical flair, and just a touch of brutality!

By presenting an aggressive dichotomy between subtle, elegant forms and vicious primal instinct they transform the frame of reference in which the wearer is displayed, creating a codependent relationship between adornment and the human form.

Ms. Hills is fantastically creative!  She has many items I've never seen the like of, such as this piece of custom work (link).

Here's a video interview with her at the RAW Artists Showcase “Unearthed”: Interview with Danielle

I love these talon rings. I think pretty much everyone I know would buy these if they have the money. No, I don't know where I would wear them.

This, of course, I would wear everywhere:

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