Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday Etsy activity

*** Treasuries I made ***

I updated my "Help For Japan" treasury. For every item in this treasury, at LEAST 50% of the profits are going to a specified charity.
Help For Japan

This is a treasury completely composed of sellers that have not made any sales yet. Most are painter.
Undiscovered Artists 2

I made three new treasuries on Etsy, all of customizable/personalized items. Many are really inexpensive.
Custom Creations I
Custom Creations II
Custom Creations III

And I also made:
She Wore Red Velvet

*** Treasuries I'm featured in ***

Seven Sins Weren't Nearly Enough
The Rebellion
This Misty Morning
The Colors of the Rainbow

*** Things I want! ***

This awesome bracelet that has 100% of proceeds going to the Red Cross.
Reverence for Raven A mere $750!
Tentacle ear gauges But I don't have holes big enough for them. Not in my ears anyway.
Steampunk USB drive Damn, it sold! Well I don't REALLY need a $250 flash drive... do I?

*** Artists featured on blogs I follow ***

K├ęzi and Friends featured Reclaimed Trends.
Surviving the Etsy Madness featured Crafty Staci.

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